BDC Team

Alex Brauer, President

With more than 25 years in advertising and promotions, Alex serves as BDC’s lead creative force.  Alex’s sense of the market and creative messaging generates results and action.  Alex is uncommonly skilled at organizing complex campaigns; creating easily understood messages that accurately capture the campaign’s intent; and has broad set of resources and contacts at his disposal. He is the consummate marketer who is responsible for program measurement, market research, social media and association marketing in this campaign.  Alex has achieved much in the world of marketing and advertising having launched several new products successfully and elevated others beyond all expectation.  Presently, he’s launched an involved social media campaign for a new product using You Tube and Word Press blogs with direct integration into the client’s website. The benefits of this campaign will continue to blossom years after its initiation. Alex’s portfolio of work is beyond impressive. He’s pioneered a number of business-enhancing campaigns across dozens of different industries. Whether it’s boats, hot tubs or medical centers, Alex has developed effective solutions that have enabled the growth and prosperity of their businesses.

Trey Carskadon, Vice President

With an extensive background in government relations, coalition building and marketing, Carskadon brings his 25 years of marketing and public relations experience to BDC Advertising, Inc.  With a long and diverse writing resume, it’s no wonder Trey handles the lion’s share of copywriting duties for BDC.  This complements his cohorts talents nicely blending Carskadon’s words to Brauer and Dugan’s music (creative chops) makes for some strong marketing. Trey’s also worked as a television show host of more than 10 years (America’s Outdoor Journal), he was also the host of a long-running radio program (Inside The Outdoors) and has penned more than 1,200 articles over his tenure as an outdoor writer. Trey’s developed dozens of successful advertising campaigns, product launches and marketing projects and continues to maintain a hands-on approach to all his client’s work.  Like the rest of the BDC team Trey wears several hats…account manager, copywriter, partner, enthusiastic team member and number cruncher…but if you ask Trey, he’ll just tell you he’s a fisherman.  Always fishing for a better approach, better result and the occasional salmon or steelhead.

Will Ashworth, Senior Web Developer

Relying on best-practices knowledge, Will directs programming and development according to well-established and clearly articulated business strategies. Responsible for keeping an eye to current and future technical developments and their implications, he has refined an ability to identify and successfully resolve technical and development issues early in the project lifecycle. Will has helped a wide variety of organizations bring a strategic focus to their development needs and goals, including: Intel Corporation, Fiskars, Washington Mutual, Disney, 3M, Mead, Sharp USA, Gillette, Ford Motor Company and many others.

Cheryl Mayhew, Financial Manager