Our Experience

Print & Digital Graphic Design

With decades of combined experience, dozens of clients and a litany of projects, BDC Advertising’s design acumen is strong, established and fertile. Differentiating your message from the crowd so it rises above the noise and positions your organization properly and effectively is no easy matter. It’s truly a blend of words and music — in our case, verbiage and design. It takes a keen sense of the market, the client, the landscape and the message to produce a singularly unique market identity that speaks to your strengths and captivates your customers. BDC Advertising, Inc. has a deep portfolio and knowledge base in branding and identity that has become a core business focus. It’s the foundation of how you want the market to view you and how you want to present yourself to the world. Our team takes enormous pride in our ability to help create your brand and market identity through our unique brand of good sense marketing.

From logos and trade dress to brochures, flyers and full-scale branding campaigns, the BDC Advertising, Inc. team has considerable experience and passion for the work. We are fortunate to have assembled an uncommonly talented team of marketing professionals who feed off each others strengths and bring certain valuable skill sets to each project we drive.

From the well-established to the fledgling newcomer, BDC Advertising can deliver that creative spark and good sense approach your organization needs to flourish.

Website Design & Development

A BDC specialty, blending compelling graphic design to visionary programming results in effective business-building websites that capture data, stimulate the market and are readily recognized by search engines. The BDC Advertising team has been building websites since the early 90′s. BDC understands the Internet better than most and is acutely aware of the pitfalls and opportunities associated with Internet marketing and website production.
BDC Advertising offers a full menu of website development services across several different operating platforms. We have years of experience in developing e-commerce, database driven, deep, product-laden websites or simple informational presentations.
A review of our websites provides a helpful snapshot of what’s possible. We are Internet experts and can help guide you through the maze of options and decisions you’ll be making in the development of your website.
Call us today to discuss your website plans…it’s your best step towards an effective Internet solution tailored precisely to your needs.

Video and Media Production

From :30 second spots to complete TV series, BDC Advertising has a deep background in video and media production. Broadcast television, radio, PowerPoint presentations, streamed video for the Internet, commercial production, educational, infomercials, industrial videos, fundraising, trade show media — name it and we’ve produced it. For more than 8 years Trey Carskadon was the host of the award-winning series, “America’s Outdoor Journal” that was broadcast nationally. Carmen Macdonald was the host of “Fishing The West Classics” for several seasons. And Alex Brauer has been on more TV shoots, commercials and trade video productions than he can count. Together, we can take any size video or media project from cradle-to-grave.

Our experience will provide essential assistance in your scripts, project consulting, animation, talent, voice over and any phase of production. We can provide full scale production crews complete with lighting, sound and video specialists for work in HD or scaled-back support and shooting services for modest budgets.

Our talents aren’t confined to video production. With close-by access to state-of-the-art sound studios, we provide full production talent and services for use in radio and other media formats.