BDC Closes Out 2010 On A Wave Of Work

“It’s a remarkable volume of work we produced”, observed BDC Advertising, Inc. President, Alex Brauer.  “The BDC team really stepped up their game and thanks to tight organization, some exceptional effort by everyone in the company and our growing base of clients we’ve seen a real surge these past couple of months.  All told, in just this quarter we will have produced half a dozen websites of varying size and complexity; 4 brochures; a catalog; a tabloid; dozens of print ads; a :30 second TV spot; several PR pieces; generated some high level media and market planning; negotiated a number of media schedules and opportunities; executed several creative campaigns; developed dozens of e-blasts…one that reached 650,000 recipients; and launched some new social networking platforms.  All this in addition to the NW Ag Show that we’re in the middle of promoting; a broad-based online video blitz that will be launched after the first of the year; RFP’s that are in various stages of completion; and new client presentations that are underway.  Needless to say, it’s been a heck of a quarter around here.”

BDC Vice President, Trey Carskadon added, “The amount of projects we’ve completed is staggering. There’s a lot to be proud of and thankful for going into 2011.  2010 was a challenging year for sure but we’ve been fortunate to have forward thinking clients who value good marketing and creative thought.  Together, we’ve overcome economic obstacles and logged some impressive results. Better news for BDC is it looks like we’ll be riding this wave of work right into 2011.  I’m personally impressed with how well we cut through the deadlines and workload — our throughput is peaking which is pretty gratifying. ”

Carskadon continued, “This isn’t about patting ourselves on the back, it’s about taking the time to look back and see the literally thousands of little accomplishments this team has achieved.  We’ve learned volumes, come together perfectly and executed flawlessly on a number of different fronts. I couldn’t be more proud or more satisfied with what we did in 2010. Period.”

Brauer finished, “Our partner Melodi Dugan has been brilliant in bringing her award-winning design talent to every project.  Our Senior Web Developer Gary Hepting continues to blow us all away with his approach to the work, client relations, ability to communicate and push the envelope in digital marketing and productivity.  Brandon Boyd, our newest addtion, hung his hat on the BDC tree at just the right time. Copywriter, social networking guru, account executive and creative influence Brandon’s found his fit here fast and can take credit for several projects he’s put to bed these last three months. One thing you learn fast in this business is your greatest value is in the sum of the parts. After 25 years in this business it’s one of the most important lessons I ascribe to in serving our clients.”

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