Firefox Browser Caret Browsing (a.k.a. “Blinking Bar” or “Flashing Bar” Problem)

Firefox Caret Browsing (a.k.a. "Blinking Bar" or "Flashing Bar" Problem

Recently I have noticed a blinking cursor in my Firefox browser. I assumed it was an strange css or browser bug on the website I was working currently working on when I noticed it for the first time.

After some basic troubleshooting, I realized it was a Firefox feature or something that had to be causing it. I started the usual process of hopping and typing the first words that come to mind about the situation and starting digging into the search results on Google for the answers.

I knew it was a Firefox setting or update bug that had caused the problem. However, I checked and realized I was still on the (stable) version 3.5.5 that I had been on for quite a few months… (cutting my additional findings short for now (almost 1:00 am — time for some zzz’s)…

So if you have this problem here’s the long story short

  • The main reason that Firefox has this feature is that you can select text with your keyboard.
  • To disabled this simply press F7 (it usually happens on accident when wiping your keyboard down while plugged in and running like I do all the time… Doh!)

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