Gamakatsu Campaign: Mining for Precious Metal

There’s more than one way to catch a fish, which is why seasoned anglers prefer to have a variety of strategies from which to choose. It’s also how BDC prefers to operate, particularly with new clients that are unfamiliar with how we do business.

Following a series of in-depth strategy sessions with the Gamakatsu owners, sales staff, major dealers and targeted consumers, the BDC creative team started digging deep. Brainstorming meetings covered the office walls with imagery, product samples, clever headlines, speculative photos, and countless concepts we knew could never be produced within the budget. We always concept with a simple philosophy: before the nuggets of gold emerge, you have shift through mounds of earth and mud.

In the case of the Gamakatsu creative, when all the dust settled, there were ten ore carts full of valuable material. A finer sift and a mini focus group narrowed it down to three campaigns we all were highly confident would strike pay dirt. We presented all three and made the final decisions fairly tough on the client. Each campaign had unique strengths, but in the end, and upon our recommendation, Gamakatsu staked claim on the campaign we named “Precious Metal.” Was it the best choice? We’ll let the sales of their product answer that question in the coming months.

Precious Metals
A solid hook

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