31+ Awesome Android Apps and some Runners-Up

AppBrain App Market

AppBrain App Market

These are the best, the most amazing, the cutting-edge, pick-of-the-crop, Android apps available on the Market.

Many men died to bring us this information. We must honor their memory and celebrate the freedom they died to protect… by enjoying all of the free apps we can get our fingers (or thumbs) on. We must go forth and start customizing their configurations, tweaking their settings, and rating them in the Market!

  1. LauncherPro - Best replacement Home application for Android
    Runner Up: ADW Launcher
  2. Google Maps – GPS-enabled maps, step-by-step voice-guided navigation & directions
  3. mVideoPlayer - best video player app for Android
  4. Pandora - Internet Radio that plays what you like
    Runner Up: Last.fm
  5. Google Voice – Google Visual VoiceMail, SMS and more
  6. Gmote 2.0 – Touch Pad, Keyboard and Media Controller for your PC over WiFi
    Runner Up: RemoteDroid
  7. EStrongs File Explorer – Best file manager and file explorer for Android
  8. EStrongs Task Manager – Absolutely the best task manager/task killer for Android
    Runner Up: TaskPanel Lite or TaskPanel X
  9. MySettings - Quick toggle settings on your Android
    Runner Up: Quick Settings
  10. AppBrain App Market – Best way to search, sync and manage your beloved Android apps – also use Fast Web Installer
  11. Shazam - Music Discovery Engine
  12. Awesome Drop (File Sync)Drag and drop to sync files to your phone from a web browser
  13. myRemote - Best WiFi remote control for Windows Media Center
  14. Boxee - WiFi remote media controller for Boxee
  15. RoMote- Roku DVP remote control over WiFi
  16. Personal Finance by PageOnceTrack all your bank, credit cards, bills, and other accounts on your phone
  17. Dropbox - Synchronization and cloud storage across all of your PCs and Android devices
    Runner Up: ASUS WebStorage
  18. PayPal - PayPal is now powered by Bump!
  19. QuickDesk Beta – Enhancement to Home Application
    Runner Up: Launch-X
  20. Toggl Timer - Track your time on the go with the official Android app for Toggl.com
  21. Skyfire Browser – server-assisted video pre-compression and streaming services
    Opera Mini
    - server-assisted webpage pre-compression – save money on bandwidth
  22. Facebook for Android- updates your status, view your News Feed, upcoming Events, and friends, upload photos, read messages
  23. PdaNet Free Edition – USB Tether and Bluetooth Internet connection sharing
    Runner Up: EasyTether Lite
  24. WYSE PocketCloud RDP/VNC -Beta – Very fast Remote Desktop Connection over RDP/VNC protocols
  25. AppMonster - Backup, restore and manage your apps
  26. Mobile Banking - Do virtually everything you can at a Bank of America ATM or branch
    Runner Up: Wells Fargo Mobile
  27. Bump - BlueTooth powered contact info and file sharing
    Runner Up: BlueTooth File Transfer
  28. RingDroid - Make ring tones by taking samples from audio files on your phone
  29. Google Gesture Search – Search your phone contacts, apps, emails, messages and more with gestures
  30. Google Goggles - Augmented reality browser/camera, Android barcode scanner and more
  31. WordPress - Write new posts, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications

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