Agency Life…And The Beat Goes On!

At times it’s like working in a washing machine, agency business can pull you ten different directions at once.  We love the jumble, it’s what gets us up every day — no two days are the same.  The combination of cold calling, networking, online advertising and answering help wanted ads is working.  We’re getting a good push of opportunities headed our way and continue to land new projects.  As deep as we are in this economic downturn some of our clients are seeing our efforts pay dividends…it’s been pretty gratifying.  One company is seeing a strong upturn in activity as we’ve preached the benefits of customer retention programs and they’ve jumped aboard.  Another company is seeing a substantial increase in leads from their website as a result of an adwords program we’ve put in place.  Still, another one of our clients is outselling the competition “15 to 1” because of the long-term positioning we’ve developed that has made the difference between first and second in the category pretty vast.  We learned this week that BDC Advertising had been selected as the “agency of record” for the Oregon City Main Street project.  We’ll take that.  We also enjoyed a meeting with a prospective client that was pretty exciting.  Great dialogue, sharp client, dominate product…we’d spent several hours preparing for the meeting and we were glad we did.  It made for a good discussion where we brought some new ideas to the table and learned volumes about their efforts.  The discussion resulted in an opportunity — a very good opportunity that we’re excited to chase.

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