BDC Lands the Big One!!!

I’ve been chasing this one for over twenty years. Had my first encounter back in college while trolling the local area for whatever would bite. Back in the days, my buddies and I would see him frequently… more times than we’d like to admit. But we just never seemed to be able to get our hands on him. He always seems to taunt us and stay just out of range.

Ram Pictures 030

Last week we got our first real opportunity and went after him. Hooking him was fairly easy…I cast out a small plastic lure and he went for it with vengeance.

Once we were certain he was hooked up, the fight began. We had to break out the heavy gear for this one… bolt cutters, a 24ft aluminum ladder and several hundred feet of rope.

Shark ladders

There was no way I could handle this guy all by myself. It took five of my closest friends over two hours to finally get him up to the boat.

Getting over the rail was the toughest part. He put up one heck of fight. Darn near broke the windows out and tore up the sides pretty good.

Shark over rail

Thankfully, everyone understood what was at stake and never gave him an inch of slack to play with. With three lines firmly attached we finally got him into the boat and lashed down.

Shark boat

That’s when the fun started. Nothing like driving through downtown Lake Oswego at 10 AM on a Saturday morning with a 17’6” Great White shark in tow. The reactions we got were priceless. Actually had one woman convinced we caught it in the lake and recovered several small children and a Chris Craft from its belly.

Shark at boat ramp

This shark is destined to become the centerpiece of the offices of BDC Advertising, the company that manages many of the fishing and marine brands you all use on the water. Although, we have not yet confirmed whether Mr. Jaws will even fit in the lobby. It’s possible he could find a new home at Fisherman’s Marine.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a big fish.

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