Blue Collar Creative

BDC Advertising is proud to be a part of the revitalization of Oregon City through the Main Street U.S.A. initiative. We work here and are excited and energized by the work and challenge to brand, stimulate and generate short-and-long term results for this wonderful city. Here’s some press that was just released today related to our efforts and the Main Street Oregon City campaign we’re a part of. BDC did the video scripting, marketing plan and creative development of the Blue Collar Creative campaign. The results of this work have been compelling…here’s the portion of the release by Main Street Oregon City that identifies the recognition this campaign has recieved and more importantly, the results that have been generated.

“…We were also honored with an Innovation Award for Excellence in Downtown Revitalization. This is the first time the State has ever given this award. The Innovation Award was conferred on Downtown Oregon City for our work on the Blue Collar Creative business recruitment strategy. (11 new businesses, entrepreneurs and professional offices have opened in downtown so far this year, with a couple more set to move in before year’s end…)

The Blue Collar Creative campaign ( showcases the authentic urban-historic character of downtown Oregon City and encourages local entrepreneurs, artists and creative professionals to open their business downtown. Special thanks to creative entrepreneurs Robb and Steve Crocker from funnelbox motion picture studio as well as Trey Carskadon and Alex Brauer from BDC Advertising. These downtown business owners are the driving force behind this nationally (and now state) recognized business recruitment campaign.”

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