Old Town New Look

Downtown Oregon City unveiled designs for its official logo last week. Each logo highlights the historic character of downtown Oregon City while conveying a modern approach to economic, community and cultural development. The public is invited to vote on their favorite logo by sending an email with their favorite logo: A, B or C along with their name and phone number by sending an email to rsvp.downtown.oregoncity@gmail.com. The logo with the most votes will be further developed and then used as a branding tool by Main Street Oregon City, the organization tasked with leading the commercial, cultural and community development initiatives in downtown Oregon City. One entry will also be selected to have lunch with Lloyd Purdy, Oregon City’s new Downtown Manager. “It’s time to focus attention on downtown Oregon City,” said Lloyd Purdy, Downtown Manager for Main Street Oregon City. “We use a grass-roots approach to downtown develop. Selecting the logo and visual identity of downtown Oregon City should be an opportunity for area residents to get involved.” Main Street Oregon City will also unveil the three versions of the logo at various locations throughout downtown Oregon City. Downtown visitors are welcome to vote on their favorite design by dropping their business card into a collection can at Coffee Rush, 900 Main Street in downtown Oregon City or at Mi Famiglia, 701 Main Street, downtown Oregon City. Downtown Oregon City creative firm BDC advertising, 706 Main Street, developed about a dozen concept logos for Main Street Oregon City’s promotions committee to choose from. That group narrowed the field down to three and then decided to invite downtown visitors to vote for their favorite. “The integration of Downtown Oregon City’s rich history and scenic beauty portrayed in the logo combine to welcome people to our door step.” said Melodi Dugan partner of BDC Advertising, a creative firm in downtown Oregon City. “It is challenging to create a visual image that captures the true diversity of Downtown Oregon city, but we welcomed the opportunity.” While all of the logos build upon a unique characteristic or feature of downtown Oregon City, they each have a distinct context and feel. Downtown visitors are invite to vote for their favorite logo throughout the month of March. At the end of the month, Main Street Oregon City will select the final logo. “Each image shows a unique part of downtown Oregon City,” said Main Street Oregon City Promotions Committee co-chair Lynda Orzen. “It will be a very close contest and a true challenge for the community to pick a favorite.” Any logo vote submitted through rsvp.downtown.oregoncity@gmail.com before April 30th will be counted.

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