Teach a Man to Fish

Fishing signKevin Saelee is no ordinary web developer, he is a master of complex code and possesses an almost primal instinct many across the world can relate to; the instinct to find and catch the largest fish. A Northen California native, Kevin felt at home knee-deep in the aqua waters of Lake Shasta, where he fished regularly with his friends and family. Growing up, Kevin was comfortable catching bass, the occasional trout, and enjoying the California sun.

When it was time to go off to college, Kevin decided to attend the Art Institute of Portland where he majored in web design and interactive media. He soon found himself downtown Portland, a city-dweller with no transportation to experience the joys of hooking into a big fish.

“I used to love fishing. I missed the whole experience,” said Saelee.

But Kevin’s fortunes were soon to take a dramatic turn. He accepted a position as a web developer at BDC advertising, a world-class agency based in Oregon City, OR. where he would be influenced by many avid fishermen at BDC who share Kevin’s passion for landing the big one. Among the seasoned fishermen here is BDC Advertising President Alex Brauer who recommended a few fishing locations.

“I started working on different fishing websites and looking at Alex’s fishing trophies and started remembering the fun of it all,” said Saelee.

Saelee recalled talking with Trey Carskadon, Vice President of BDC about his fishing experience as well, which includes numerous trips to treacherous buoy 10 on the Columbia river and television and radio hosting of popular outdoor-related programs where he shared his fishing knowledge. Kevin’s return to fishing was all but imminent, but first he would need to learn the techniques and locations for fishing is in the Pacific Northwest, not a small feat.

“Trey had all the specifics, what lures to use, which rods, and the specific techniques,” Saelee said.

Kevin’s quest to find the best fishing in Oregon will undoubtedly continue… probably for the rest of his life.

One thing is certain, the team here at BDC will continue to help Kevin in his fishing exploits and as he continues to produce exceptional web sites and applications for BDC clients, it won’t be long before he gets the invite to jump on board the BDC company boat for a real fishing experience.

The day will soon come when the trophies will find a new home on the wall above Kevin’ desk. When Kevin lands his first big fish, we’ll be there to congratulate him while remembering everything good about sharing wholesome outdoor experiences with friends, family and coworkers that make us all feel proud.

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