Weston the Dog, Social Media Guru

Can a canine be a social media phenomenon?  Ask dog owner and BDC Advertising art director Melodi Dugan and the answer would be a resounding yes.  Her three-year-old French bulldog Weston is such a prominent figure in the community that Dugan has decided to create a Facebook page for her “Frenchie,” as the breed’s owners affectionately call them.

The goal for this page?  From what we can gather, is to post pictures of Weston dressed up in various doll clothes.  Among the most popular pictures on the page are examples of the dog in boxer shorts.  When asked how the dog feels about these photos, Dugan replied, “humiliated- probably a little.”

Next on the agenda for the dog’s Facebook site is pictures of Weston swimming in a children’s inflatable swimming pool.  Dugan claims that the breed is “notorious for overheating,” which remains to be seen.  Rumors have it that this was actually a scandalous “pool party,” filled with reckless guests and empty cans strewn about.  Don’t be surprised to hear about Weston on Entertainment Tonight alongside other canine stars such as Marley, from the hit family movie Marley & Me.  The future may be bright for this young and rising star, we can only hope that bright light continues to shine.

Bask in Weston’s brilliant fame on Facebook

Weston the dog social media phenomenon

Weston the Dog

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