Free Search Engine Submission Services provides a free service that performs a basic submission of your site to 18 of the top search engine providers:

Abacho FindOnce Splatsearch
Acoon Fybersearch Surfgopher
Aewi Google Burf
Cipinet Jayde Walhello
Entireweb Towersearch WotBox
ExactSeek ScrubTheWeb Searchit

Visit also provides a free search engine submission service that auto-submits your website to the following Search Engines:

Google Scrub The Web FyberSearch Alexa BigFinder
LifeTips ExactSeek Nerdworld
InfoTiger FocusLook Walhello
Jayde EntireWeb AdmCity
SpiderMonkey MixCat Abacho
SearchSight WhatUSeek ESiteSecrets
Tower Search TyBit

Visit provides free manual and auto submission to the highest-rated, Free Internet Search Engines and Directories.

Google Yahoo! Search Bing
Open Directory ScrubTheWeb Cuil
ExactSeek SearchSight EntireWeb
LII Web World VieSearch
A1 Web Directory Skoobe Info Listings
IllumiRate Dramba Directory Storm
Arakne Links Wikidweb LinkSite
MavicaNet Link Centre My Directory Live
Domaining Pedsters Planet BusinessSeek
Ablaze Directory Info Tiger What U Seek
OneMillionDirectory SurfSafely World Site Index
Search Web World AMRAY CyberWebSearch
Finest 4 NewWebDirectory IS
IWD The Living Link SonicRun
Wondex Cipinet Mardox
NetInsert 01WebDirectory Web Directory
Clock Tower Studio TowerSearch


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