Innovative Panel Technologies –

Innovative Panel Technologies

Designed by: Melodi Dugan
Developed by: Gary Hepting & Alden Brown
Project Manager: Trey Carskadon

For the past decade IPT has been a leader in developing unique and varied solutions to a range of panel needs. Our expertise rests in our ability to marry certain components and create application-specific panels. Those solutions may be in the form of wood panels, polypropylene bonded to plywood, wood laminates, painted wood panels, aluminum bonded to wood or anyone of a hundred other combinations that may be necessary in meeting your specific requirements. IPT has readily available products that are fully-developed and easily ordered or we can work with you to develop a specific solution that precisely meets your needs. Our website was designed to best describe the depth and breadth of our capabilities, our desire to serve you and expertise as leaders in innovating panels for every conceivable application.

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