December 2, 2023

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3 Ways Your Business Can Meet Growing Demand for Facility Space on a Limited Budget

At first glance, it can seem like a great thing when a business outgrows its facilities. However, if that growth is coming at a time when investment in new or expanded buildings isn’t economically feasible, management must get creative to find a solution.

1. Utilize Temporary Offices

Offices can take up valuable space in a production facility. Luckily, there are some creative solutions that can increase your work areas without eliminating office spaces. A popular option is to lease temporary offices. it is much quicker and more affordable to add a modular office building Atlanta GA than building a new one.

Another popular option is to allow remote working. Today’s technology allows workers much greater flexibility in where they work. Research shows that remote workers are more productive than those based in offices, they have a lower attrition rate, and companies save on building costs.

2. Rethink Your Storage Space

From warehouse space to your supply closet, a lot of space in a business facility is devoted to storage. Rethink those needs to see if a more efficient and space-conscious solution can be found. After all, you are already paying to have and maintain these rooms. Why not maximize their usefulness and put them to work in a way that truly benefits the business model?

3. Relocate Vehicles and Equipment

Are you storing vehicles inside garages or warehouses? If so, you might be able to convert those buildings to a more functional and productive space. Move the vehicles to an outside lot, and be sure to secure them within fencing if security is a concern. Chances are the cost of a fence will be substantially less than what you would pay to add a new building.

Assessing current needs, making arrangements for temporary solutions and reworking how you use existing building spaces are all useful tactics. They allow your business to adapt to changing facility needs without taking on an unnecessary financial burden.