June 4, 2023

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Facts About Glass Tabletops That You Should Know

A glass table top can be used to make your own table. The glass top lets you showcase the table’s base and draw attention to your craftsmanship. It is also easier to break. It is more costly and takes long produce than regular glass. However, it is more durable than regular glass.

Easier to Break

Glass is durable, but a smaller glass table top is more accessible to break than a larger one. Tempered glass is more challenging than regular annealed glass, which will break into small pebbles. Thicker glass is also less likely to break, so it is better for larger tables like the glass table top san francisco.

Glass thickness also depends on how heavy you want the table to be. A thickness of 1/4″ is appropriate for smaller tables, but you may want to increase this to 1/2″ for larger ones. Though 1/4″ thick glass is fine for small tables, the thicker glass will weigh more. A glass table top should not be thinner than three-quarters of an inch, as it will be more likely to break.

Tempered Glass is Safer than Regular Glass

Tempered glass table tops are safer than regular glass because they break into smaller pieces that won’t injure you or your family. Regular glass can be hazardous because it can break into big jagged pieces that could cut arteries. Tempered glass is similar to the glass used in automobile windows and will break into tiny, blunt pieces that aren’t as likely to hurt people.

While tempered glass isn’t impenetrable, it is tough to break. Anyone who has ever broken tempered glass can attest to how difficult it is to do so. Tempered glass table tops are also more durable than regular glass. But how do you know if a glass table top is tempered or not? The answer lies in the thickness of the glass. Typically, glass tops that are only 1/4-inch thick or less will not be tempered.

Tempered glass is approximately 5-7 times stronger than ordinary glass. Therefore, it is less likely to break under pressure. Choosing a tabletop with tempered glass is important because it’s safer than regular glass.

It is More Expensive

Glass table tops are expensive to buy. Understanding the size of a glass table top is essential to avoid paying more for a smaller piece. Usually, the larger the piece of glass, the more expensive it will be to buy and ship. A rectangular glass table top is much cheaper than a square or irregular shape. The thickness of the glass is also a consideration, as it will increase the price per square foot. It should be noted that thinner glass is less expensive to buy and produce but must be used carefully.

Glass table tops can be custom-made for your dining room. A custom-cut glass table top will cost more. Glass table tops more significant than 42″ are much more expensive. It will also cost more to ship since they are heavier. If you are buying a glass tabletop online, choose a store nearby to guarantee that it will be cut to size and installed.

It Takes More Time to Produce

The thickness of a glass table top will affect the price, but it doesn’t matter as much as you think. Larger pieces of glass take more time to produce than smaller ones. In addition, tabletops made of rectangular glass require more production time. Whether you’re buying a table for a restaurant or a bedroom, the thickness of your tabletop will affect the price.

If you’re buying a glass table top for a guestroom, it’s best to ensure the surface is smooth and has no rough edges. This will keep your guests’ elbows from scuffing the table. You may also need to purchase a protective cover for your table, such as a plastic sheet. This will keep the glass safe during transport.