September 30, 2023

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Succeeding in Business During the COVID Era

It’s a strange time. The era of COVID-19 has transformed a highly mobile community into a group of homebodies. Stuck at home and unable to travel to stores, people are left with their online connections to satisfy their household and personal needs; thus, for store owners to find success during these uncertain times, they’ll need to consider their approach, adopting or changing policies to suit a new environment. Here are three things to consider.

Emphasize Personal Interaction

While more and more shopping is happening online, it’s also important to remember that sometimes companies still need a human element. Mistakes are still going to happen. Simply hearing a voice may sometimes make these aggravations a bit easier. Therefore, don’t rely on email to appease your consumers. Allow your clients to use the phone and walk through the confusion and frustration. If you haven’t had operators in the past, then turn look into collaborating with a customer service representative New Milford CT. This outsources your messages. You focus on delivery while they handle the calls. You can resolve them as time allows.

Enhance Your Website

While major box stores are certainly making a killing right now, that doesn’t mean that smaller operations have to die out. Make your store easy for Internet purchases too. After all, during this uncertain time, online presence could be the game changer. For example, kids grow despite a pandemic. Parents aren’t leaving the house to take the little ones down the road. Instead, they’ll hop on the computer, looking for a good deal. Garner their trust, ensuring that your website is secure and easy to navigate. Make payment simple, and develop clear, concise product descriptions.

Clarify Security Procedures

How seriously are you taking this situation? Are you instituting cleaning procedures and maintaining social distancing? State outright your policies. Use a popup box on the home page or have a banner at the top. Allow shoppers to understand that you care about safety.

Now is the time to find a new angle. Explore new avenues.