December 1, 2023

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Unique Ways To Contribute to Charity

No matter how much or how little you can give, you might consider contributing to charity in some new and even unique ways. Read on to learn more.

Look Around the World

If you’re a person that keeps up with the news, you know how much strife is always going on in various places around the world. You might direct your charitable giving toward those areas, helping to supply relief for families displaced by war or persecution. In doing so, you’ll be following in the footsteps of Stefan Soloviev, whose foundation recently contributed a million dollars for aide to Ukrainians. Just be sure to donate through reputable charities, and do some research about how much of your contribution will actually go to the people you’re trying to help.

Sponsor a Child

There are many organizations that allow you to sponsor a child who lives in poverty somewhere around the world. For a monthly donation, you’ll be providing food, clean water, and other necessities and also giving your sponsored child a chance to go to school. You’ll have the opportunity to write to and receive letters from your sponsored child so that you can get to know and encourage him or her. Some sponsors even travel to meet their sponsored children.

Give Your Time

You might not be able to afford to give much in the way of money, but you can give of your time. Focus on a local charity, and spend several hours a month volunteering. You might stock shelves or hand out food at your community food shelf. Tutor kids in the reading program at your library, or join a club that provides mentoring to at-risk children or teens. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be surprised by how much of an impact you can make

Donate in Kind

Perhaps you own a business or have a set of skills that is always in demand. In that case, put them to work for a charity. In-kind donations are always appreciated. If you do marketing, create a new publicity campaign for your favorite organization and even call in a few favors to snag some free advertising space. If you’re a plumber or electrician or handyman, offer to work on a charity’s building for only the cost of parts (and provide a discount on those, too, if you can). This kind of contribution can mean the world to an organization that is strapped for cash.

You care about your fellow human beings, so don’t hesitate to try one of these unique ways to give to charity.