February 22, 2024

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5 Ways Businesses Are Helping Ukraine

As the war rages in Ukraine, innocent people are suffering, including children. Many have lost jobs, and those who have fled the country are without housing. There is a tremendous need for medical and other services for people not only in Ukraine but also in neighboring countries. These people are living in refugee camps and desperately need help.

Fortunately, business owners and investors such as Stefan Soloviev have expressed outrage over the horror of war in Ukraine. These businessmen are stepping up to support Ukrainians. Here’s what they’re doing.

1. Donating for Health Services

The war in Ukraine has special meaning for Stefan Soloviev whose grandmother was Ukrainian. He recently donated $1 million to the group Americares to help Ukrainians in need. Americares has emergency response teams in Poland and Romania to support families affected by the escalating humanitarian crisis.

2. Providing Temporary Housing

Ukrainian families, many with youngsters, have been fleeing and at least 4.3 million children, more than half the country’s population of children, are now displaced. Housing these people can be costly, and those who are helping these refugees need financial assistance. Companies are donating to organizations that provide temporary shelter for these refugees.

3. Raising Awareness

The more people who understand the atrocities that are going on in Ukraine, the sooner this war can come to an end. Companies like Microsoft are using their platforms to raise awareness about the war. Other major corporations are doing the same. Apple has created an ad campaign asking users to donate to send aid to Ukraine via their Macs and iPhones.

4. Supporting Ukrainian Employees

Those who live and work in Ukraine have been temporarily laid off because of the escalating war. They are without the income they desperately need to buy groceries and other necessities. Companies that have employees in these war-torn areas continue to pay wages so these employees can support their families.

5. Supporting Refugees

Ukrainian refugees who now live in other countries desperately need money for food and shelter as well as other needed supplies. Several companies are helping them by donating to relief organizations such as Unicef.

The continuing war in Ukraine is devastating for many who live there. Thousands are without income or any kind of assistance. Fortunately, those in business along with several companies are stepping up to provide the needed money and medical supplies as well as other support these people need.