June 17, 2024

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Investment is a business for the future

Achieving investment goals during this year’s FIFA World Cup

There is one key question that usually stops us on the way to our dreams: what did you do with your extra income, the profits from your business, that freelance job you did, that unexpected sale, or your savings?

We usually spend it all in the wrong way and invest it in a way that doesn’t really pay off. All of us have dreams to achieve, but few of us set goals to achieve them and think carefully when we find that occasional banknote in the washing machine.

Many people do not like football, but they do like the experience of living out that event in all its splendour, on and off the field. Have you ever imagined being there? Surely you have. That is why OctaFX, the globally recognized broker that offers trading services to help people achieve their financial goals, provides three investment goals to help you plan and implement a personal financial and investment strategy. If you are equipped with those tips, making your investments work and buying you a few World Cup tickets won’t be hard.

Financial security, or a rainy-day investment

Life is not always an open book. No one can guarantee you won’t face unexpected expenses or financial losses, be it the global financial crisis or a lay-off tomorrow.

An additional reserve for at least two or three months will help you feel more secure about your financial future. To put it simply, the basis of an incredible financial strategy is to save and always have the ‘cushion’ for unexpected events and more if you dream of travelling to the World Cup.

Yes, dreams are great and get even better when you make them come true. Still, in reality, you should also secure your equity and think about the future, as not all of us will be entitled to a retirement income. There are always ways to invest and have a permanent income at an advanced age and not end up empty-handed, and that is why a well-thought-out investment strategy for a permanent retirement income is needed.

This applies not only to getting married or having children but also to the ongoing support of your family and the costs associated with supporting it. Education, emergency expenses, and family trips—all of these aspects require extra funds that an average monthly salary cannot cover.

When we speak about investment goals, it is impossible not to mention Forex trading as one of the most affordable ways to achieve them. Some of its advantages are:

● Easy to start—download a trading platform and open a demo account to see how it works, with no additional paperwork or extraordinary skills (only the basic knowledge of Forex is required).

● High liquidity. In simple terms, a liquid market means it’s easy to buy and sell financial instruments. In Forex, it’s the ease of getting money in and out when it is needed for other assets in your portfolio.

● Good money with relatively low risks. It may sound too optimistic for a sceptical person, especially considering Forex trading always involves risks.

However, if you spend some time learning and practising and choose a broker you can trust, the possibility of making significant profits in a relatively short time is real.

Money is not just a measure of success in society. The real value that money brings to our lives is the ability to fulfil lour dreams and achieve our goals in the short and long term. Now, are you ready to go to the World Cup with your newly earned investment returns?

OctaFX is a global broker providing online trading services worldwide since 2011. It offers commission-free access to financial markets and a variety of services already utilised by clients from 150 countries with more than 12 million trading accounts. Free educational webinars, articles, and analytical tools they provide help clients reach their investment goals.

The company is involved in a comprehensive network of charitable and humanitarian initiatives, including the improvement of educational infrastructure and short-notice relief projects supporting local communities and small to medium enterprises. On a side note, OctaFX has also won more than 50 awards since its foundation, including the 2021 ‘Best ECN Broker’ award from World Finance and the 2022 ‘Best Global Broker Asia’ award from International Business Magazine.