June 17, 2024

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International Electrolyzer Technological know-how Market Report 2021: Mass Producing, Materials Charge Reduction, and Deployment of H2-Refueling Infrastructure Push Know-how Implementation – ResearchAndMarkets.com

DUBLIN–(Business WIRE)–The “Disruptive Electrolyzer Technologies Enabling Environmentally friendly Hydrogen Production” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s supplying.

This investigation review focuses on the hottest achievements in electrolyzer technologies. The analyze highlights the necessity for electrolysis engineering and discusses the important worries its enhancement faces in getting large-scale industry adoption and competitiveness.

Present-day small-expense hydrogen output methods are dependent on fossil fuels and are involved with GHG emissions. The procedure for the manufacturing of renewable hydrogen through electrolysis has not however attained the required performance and scalability for industrial software since it is much more highly-priced and requires additional development to turn out to be competitive on a significant scale.

Electrolysis technology offers quite a few strengths, this kind of as the output of carbon-neutral gas, integration of renewable energies, facilitation of the electricity grid balance, and improvement of the sustainable use of surplus electrical power. The findings and advancement opportunities depicted in this research will assist travel the economic development and technology revolution of the electrolyzer market.

The research delivers a evaluation of analysis concentration places and technological difficulties to triumph over within just electrolysis systems. Exclusive attention is supplied to the description of the specialized capabilities of all recognized electrolysis technologies. Also, it presents the critical stakeholders included in technology and other noteworthy developments.

The review also functions patent landscaping of electrolysis systems, highlighting the crucial patent entrepreneurs/assignees, and the patent jurisdiction with the best action.

The report outlines and describes the variables influencing industry advancement, these types of as confined hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and small production volume of electrolyzer factors. The report also highlights rising expansion options and provides a overall performance analysis and comparison of unique electrolysis technologies.

Lastly, the report discusses important performance indicators (KPIs) of current business electrolyzer technologies and analyzes the technological and charge targets.

The study handles the subsequent topics:

  • Electrolyzer technologies: overview and current technological know-how developments
  • Evolution of electrolysis know-how
  • Components driving adoption and growth of technologies
  • Critical houses, negatives, and worries for deployment
  • Technological innovation comparison
  • Technological know-how ecosystem: improvements and stakeholders
  • The patent landscape of electrolyzer technologies
  • Advancement chances for electrolyzer systems

Important Matters Lined:

1. Strategic Imperatives

1.1 The Strategic Very important: Factors Producing Strain on Advancement

1.2 The Effects of the Leading 3 Strategic Imperatives on the Expansion of Electrolyzer Systems

1.3 Growth Chances Fuel the Advancement Pipeline Engine

2. Investigation Context and Summary of Conclusions

2.1 Research Context

2.2 Investigation Scope

2.3 Analysis Methodology

2.4 Crucial Findings in Eco-friendly Hydrogen Generation

3. Electrolyzer Systems: Technological innovation Traits Overview

3.1 Inexperienced Hydrogen Generation Promotes a Upcoming Zero Carbon Strength Economic system

3.2 Technological Maturity of Commercial and Emerging Electrolyzer Technologies

3.3 Evolution of Electrolysis Engineering

3.4 Electrolyzer Technologies – Important Motorists and Possibilities for Deployment

3.5 Important Drivers and Possibilities Discussion

3.6 Electrolyzer Systems – Vital Drawbacks and Troubles for Deployment

3.7 Essential Disadvantages and Restraints Dialogue

4. Electrolyzer Systems: Technological innovation Overview

4.1 Electrolyzer Systems for Environmentally friendly Hydrogen Manufacturing

4.2 Alkaline Electrolysis

4.3 PEM Electrolysis

4.4 AEM Electrolysis

4.5 SO Electrolysis

4.6 MC Electrolysis

4.7 Photoelectrolysis

4.8 Microbial Electrolysis

4.9 Electrolysis General performance Indicators as Decisive Requirements for Commercialization

4.10 Comparative Analysis of Electrolysis Systems

4.11 Technical Capabilities Description of Electrolysis Technologies

4.12 KPIs of Current Commercial Electrolyzer Systems

5. Innovation Ecosystem: Companies to Look at

5.1 Smoltek Nanotech Keeping AB, Sweden

5.2 Ionomr Innovations Inc., Canada

5.3 Nel ASA, Norway

5.4 Clean up Electricity Hydrogen Team Constrained, United Kingdom

5.5 Siemens, Germany

5.6 Sunfire GmbH, Germany

5.7 Nexceris, US

5.8 Haldor Topsoe, Denmark

5.9 SunHyrogen, United States

5.10 H2Professional, Israel

5.11 Important Innovators and Merchandise Builders of Reversible Fuel Cells

5.12 Important Innovators and Item Developers of Substantial-temperature Electrolysis Technologies

5.13 Important Innovators and Solution Developers of Different Electrolysis Systems

6. IP Investigation of Systems Enabling Electrolysis Systems

6.1 Patent Action for Electrolysis Technologies Based mostly on Geography

6.2 Patent Action for Electrolysis Technological innovation Ranges by Technological know-how Type

6.3 Competitive Landscape in Patent Activity for Electrolysis Systems

7. Expansion Opportunity Universe

7.1 Progress Possibility 1: Electrolysis Systems for Enabling P2X Concept

7.2 Expansion Possibility 2: Inexperienced Hydrogen Output Contributes to a Minimal Carbon Economic system

7.3 Growth Opportunity 3: Integration of Renewable Strength with Electrolyzers Gains the Electricity Sector

8. Key Contacts

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